Indo-US and T Forum – (USISTEF) Fund

United States-India Science and Technology Endowment Fund Commercializing Technologies for societal impact. Both government of the United States of America (Department of State) and that of India (Department of Science & Technology) have established the United States – India Science & Technology Endowment Fund (USISTEF) for promotion of joint activities that would lead to innovation and techno-entrepreneurship through the application of science and technology.

Core disciplines:

  1. Biomedical devices & diagnostics
  2. Food and nutrition products
  3. Preventive & curative measures to improve health
  4. Agriculture
  5. Education
  6. Financial inclusion
  7. Information and communication technology
  8. Water Empowering Citizens:

Bi-national teams of entrepreneurs and innovators with:

  1. Innovative product or technology beyond the idea stage
  2. High societal impact
  3. Significant potential to commercialize within 2-3 years

The Endowment Fund activities are implemented and administered through the bi-national Indo-US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF).

The fund aims to select and subsequently financially support promising joint U.S.-India entrepreneurial (candidates) initiatives that address the theme of “commercializing technologies for societal impact” through the competitive grant program.

Grant amount:

Funding Grants size up to Rs. 2.50 crores or approx $ 400,000.

Eligibility condition

Proposals must include a min. of one partner from each participating country

The bi-national teams can include:

  • Incorporated companies including start-ups; or
  • Non-incorporated entities; or
  • Individuals or consortia from academia, government laboratories, non-government R&D institutions CALL FOR EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
Quick Overview———
Organization United States – India Science and Technology Endowment Fund (USISTEF)
Level Enterprenaurship program
Country India, USA
Subject areas Mentioned above
Salary Rs. 2.50 crores or approx $ 400,000
Eligibility Indian and USA partners
Deadline Open now

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