1. Dr. Avinash Singh
    Expertise; Microbiology and Biotechnology

  2. Dr. Vivek K Gupta
    Hebrew University, Israel
    Microbiology and cell biology

  3. Dr. Shashikant Tiwari
    University of California, USA
    Neurobiologist, Stem cell research and neuronal animal model development.

  4. Dr. Priyanka Mishra
    University of California, USA
    Biotechnology and Stem cell research

  5. Dr. Sonali Khanduja Kalra 
    Microbiology ( Part Time)

  6. Mrs. Mamta Singh
    Counsellor Psychology (Psychotherapy)

  7. Mrs. Pooja Singh
    Counsellor Psychology ( Family Counselling)

  8. Dr. Kamini Singh

  9. Dr. Arti Negi
    Clinical Microbiologist

  10. Dr. Ritesh Kumar Gupta
    Plant Biologists

  11. Er. Arjun Kalra
    Mechanical Engineer

  12. Dr. Rajan Singh
    Seed Technologist (Part time)