PhD Program (Multidisciplinary) in the area of Biomedical Sciences at the State University of New Jersey, USA.

Students entering the multidisciplinary program will have to choose one of four educational tracks that focus on molecular biosciences (MBGC), integrative biosciences (CBNP), infectious disease and immunity (I3), or biomedical engineering (BME).

Field of Study

  1. Molecular Biology, Genetics and Cancer: Biochemistry, Molecular Genetics, Cancer Biology, Radiation Biology, Bioinformatics
  2. Cell Biology, Neuroscience and Physiology (CBNP): Neuroscience, Physiology, Biophysics, Cardiovascular Biology, Molecular Pharmacology, Stem Cell Biology
  1. Infection, Immunity and Inflammation (I3): Immunology, Oral Biology, Infectious Disease, Microbiology, Pathology
  2. Biomedical Engineering, Biomaterials, Biomechanics, Cell-tissue Engineering, Signal-image Processing, Neural Engineering, Stem Cells

Qualifications / Requirements

  1. A degree from an accredited college or university is required.
  2. Courses in disciplines of biology, physics, general chemistry, and organic chemistry.
  3. The GRE is not mandatory, but candidates can submit their scores if they would like to.
  4. Official degree transcripts are required. 

Application Procedure: 

  1. Applications can be made online.
  2. Program will be holding a Recruitment/Interview on January 28, 2022 and February 10, 2022 (virtual).
  3. Deadline February 01, 2022.
Organization State University of New Jersey
Type of position PhD
Country United States
Subject areas Science and Engineering (Biomedical Sciences)
Deadline February 01, 2022

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