Online applications are invited from Indian nationals to apply for ‘COMMONWEALTH SCHOLARSHIP TENABLE IN THE UNITED KINGDOM – 2022’ for Master’s and Doctoral degree program. The study will commence in September or October 2022.

Number of nomination and award:

In total maximum sixty five candidates would be nominated for this scholarship, which includes 26 nomination for doctoral degree.

Award: The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) would make the final selection from the nominated candidates. About twenty-five to thirty candidates would be finally awarded the scholarship.

How to apply:

Applicants are required to apply online at Ministry of Human Resource Development portal by Dec 7 2021 and as well as at Commonwealth Scholarship Commission’s (CSC) Electronic Application System (EAS) by Dec 7 2021.

Notes: It is compulsory for the applicant to apply on both the portals by the due date. The candidates who do not apply on both the portals would not be called for the interview. Candidate can only apply either for Taught Master’s course or PhD degree and only in one subject, do not submit more than one one application it would lead to disqualification.


The Applications are invited in the following subjects:

  • Engineering and Technology:
    1. Environmental Studies
    2. Electronics/Electrical
    3. Computer Applications /Computer Science
    4. Aerospace Engineering /Aeronautics
    5. Civil Engineering/Architecture
    6. Material Science
    7. Remote Sensing Technology
    8. Communication Engineering
    9. Biotechnology or Biochemical Engineering
    10. Robotics
    11. Mining Engineering and
    12. Marine Engineering.
  • Science (Pure and Applied)
    1. Molecular Biology
    2. Physics
    3. Mathematics
    4. Chemistry (including Pharmaceutical/Medicinal Chemistry).
  • Agriculture
    1. Agronomy & Forestry.
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
    1. Economics
    2. Philosophy
    3. Psychology
    4. History
    5. Sociology
    6. Management Studies
    7. Law
    8. English (Literature/Linguistics)
    9. Political Science with International Relations

Note: Application in more than one subject and one course will lead to disqualification of the candidature.

  • Eligibility:

(a) AGE: The age of the applicant must not exceed 40 years.

(b) Minimum required qualifications:

For Master’s course: One should have completed or is expected to complete the Bachelor Degree (BSc) by October, 2017 in the subject field concerned (indicated above). Minimum eligibility is 60% or above marks for Humanities and Social Science group and 65% or above marks for Science, Engineering and Technology and Agriculture groups.

For doctoral degree:- One should have completed or is expect to complete the certificate of Master Degree by October 2017 in the concerned subject field (indicated above).

Minimum eligibility is 60% or above marks for Humanities and Social Science group and 65% or above marks for the relevant subjects in Science, Engineering and Technology and Agriculture groups.

(c) Others:

  1. i) Applicants who have already been abroad for studies or training or specialization either on scholarships or on their own, for a period exceeding 6 months are eligible to apply if they have been in India for at least two consecutive years as on September 16, 2016 after returning from abroad.
  2. ii) Applications of applicants who are staying abroad will not be considered.

 Requirement of English language proficiency:

The applicants must have completed tertiary education in English medium.

The applicants whose native language is not English are required to produce the evidence of required competency in English to study in the United Kingdom.

As a condition of offering a place, the host institution in the UK may require a applicants to take particular English tests and/or training in English and reach a particular level.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development does not ask applicant to provide an English Language Proficiency certificate.

Important deadlines: Dec 7 2021


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