University of Gothenburg: 14 PhD positions

Position 1: Doctoral position in Practical philosophy

Application deadline: 2020-08-31

Position 2: PhD student in molecular biology: protein phase separation and aging

Application deadline: 2020-07-15

Position 3: PhD Position in Natural Science, specialising in Environmental Science (with focus on microbial ecology/ecotoxicology)

Application deadline: 2020-08-31

Position 4: One or more doctoral students in education

Application deadline: 2020-06-30

Position 5: Doctoral studentships at The Department of Journalism, Media and Communication (JMG)

Application deadline: 2020-08-28

Position 6: Doctoral student in Educational Sciences

Application deadline: 2020-06-30

Position 7: Doctoral student in Educational Sciences

Application deadline: 2020-06-30

Position 8: MSCA-Doctoral student in Medical Science – Clinical Neurochemistry

Application deadline: 2020-06-23

Position 9: Two doctoral students in Medical Science – Translational Neurochemistry

Application deadline: 2020-06-22

Position 10: PhD student in Marine Biogeochemistry & Ecology

Application deadline: 2020-06-28

Position 11: Doctoral student in Medical Science – Epidemiology


Position 12: PhD students in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management of Intellectual Assets

Application deadline: 2020-08-03

Position 13: PhD student in organic chemistry

Application deadline: 2020-06-30

Position 14: Doctoral student in Medical Science – Systems biology focusing on ALK signaling

Application deadline: 2020-06-30

——————Quick Overview————-
Organization University of Gothenburg
Fellowship Level Doctoral
Country Sweden
Subject areas Natural Science, Biology, Health care, Mathematics, Law, Culture studies, History, Archeology, Music, Ethanology, Film and Media Studies
Fellowship amount Varies
Eligibility Open to all nationalities
Deadline Varies

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