AstraZeneca R&D, Physical & Analytical Chemistry, Gothenburg, Sweden seek to recruit a Senior Research Scientist responsible for Analytical Research of oligonucleotides in the Therapeutic Area Respiratory and Immunology AstraZeneca is one of the world’s most exciting biopharmaceutical companies.

  1. From scientists to sales, lab techs to legal, we’re on a mission to turn science into life-changing medicines that improve patients’ lives and benefit society.
  2. AstraZeneca is committed to the development of the next generation innovative respiratory medicines.
  3. The department of Medicinal Chemistry in the therapeutic area of Respiratory & Immunology is focused on the delivery of Small Molecule (SM) and New Modalities (NM) clinical candidates.
  4. Its Physical and Analytical Chemistry team, crucial for the delivery of clinical compounds, is working with a strong research focus in close collaboration with Medicinal Chemists and scientists in all other neighbouring departments. We jointly aim at the discovery of the respiratory medicines of the future.

 Eligibility Criteria

  1. Strong scientific curiosity in novel technology and methods
  2. PhD in Analytical Chemistry
  3. Documented expertise in MALDI-MS, LC/MS and high-resolution mass spectrometry (theoretical in-depth knowledge and practical expertise)
  4. Demonstrated expertise in MS characterization of oligonucleotides (MS/MS CID, ETD and MALDI-MS) is a significant bonus.
  5. Experience and knowledge of separation techniques beyond RP-UPLC (such as Gel electrophoresis, capillary electrophoresis, ion-exchange chromatography and size exclusion chromatography) is a bonus.
  6. Excellent communication and collaboration skills


For more information about the position please contact Tomas Leek, Team Leader, Physical and Analytical chemistry, by email:

Quick Overview
Organization AstraZeneca
Type of position Post-doctoral
Country  Sweden
Subject areas Analytical Chemist ,Oligonucleotide Analytics
Deadline August 09, 2020

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