Raman Research Institute offers the Visiting Student Program (VSP) which is aimed at offering research experience to highly motivated students who are presently pursuing their bachelor’s or Masters Studies or who are in a gap year that is within a year of completion of these degrees.

Aim of the program:

  • to expose students to the research of the Institute and motivate them to take up research as a career
  • Research Staff at RRI accept VSP students so that significant numbers of Bachelor’s and Master’s students are given an experience of experimental, phenomenological and theoretical physics/astronomy and thereby gain motivation to enter into research careers
  • to participate in activities that invent, design, develop, build, and commission complex systems that explore leading areas in the physical sciences, together with learning theoretical tools necessary to understand the complex systems and their purposeful design for the science goals
  • Enrollment to the Visiting Student Program is open throughout the year.


  • Applicants must be within 1 or 2 years of the end of their bachelors science or engineering degrees, or
  • Applicant must hold masters in science, engineering, and in particular those students with the intention of pursuing research as a career.
  • Applicants from Bangalore colleges, who are interested to work on part-time basis for gaining research experience at RRI, will be considered.

Intake & Duration:

The duration may range, (on a case-by-case basis), anywhere between 4- 6 months.

Financial Support:

Out-station students joining this programme on a full time basis will be offered:

  • Sleeper-class train fare to Bangalore from their place of stay, and also the return fare, for a single person
  • A consolidated Stipend of Rs.13,000/month to cover local expenses
  • Accommodation arrangements are to be made by students themselves
  • Students from Bangalore will be offered the above allowance if they are part of this programme on a full-time basis.
  • If Bangalore students work on part-time basis (at least two days in a week) as part of this programme, a support of Rs 1000/week will be given.

How to Apply:

  • Interested student should e-mail directly to the research staff member of their choice.
  • The e-mail must include information on the student’s academic background and the kind of work that they would like to pursue.
  • Recommendation letters to be e-mailed directly to the relevant staff member (only if the staff member requests recommendation letters to be sent).
Quick Overview————-
Organization Raman Research Institute (RRI)
Fellowship Level Research
Country India
Subject areas Theoretical Physics, Astronomy, Physical Science
Fellowship amount Varies
Eligibility Open to Indian students
Deadline Rolling (apply any time of the year)

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