The position is within the field of Systems Engineering for Cyber-Physical Systems. Relevant such applications at the department include sensing and control in underwater robots, autonomous marine vessels, unmanned aerial systems, small satellite systems, and other cyber-physical systems.

About the position:

  1. NTNU’s Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering is establishing a new professorship in Systems Engineering for Cyber-Physical Systems, affiliated with the Department of Engineering Cybernetics.
  2. Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary field focusing on design, integration and management of complex systems, from a holistic perspective over the life cycle.
  3. Systems-thinking principles and modelling methods are used to organize this process.
  4. A systems-engineering approach ensures that all relevant aspects of a system are considered for an integrated solution.
  5. Cyber-physical systems include physical and software components for sensing and control, that may be deeply interconnected, can operate on different spatial and temporal scales, exhibit multiple and distinct behavioural modalities, and interact with each other in context-dependent ways.

Eligibility Criteria:

For both position categories, the following is required:

  • Doctoral degree in a relevant area
  • Experience with essential areas of systems engineering for cyber-physical systems
  • The autonomous vehicle research at NTNU has civilian objectives.
  • However, some of the equipment being used is subject to export regulations or other limitations such as ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations), and the position requires that the applicant has permission to use such equipment.
  • Applicants who are citizens of Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Sweden or NATO countries will satisfy the requirements

How to apply:

  • You can find more information about working at NTNU and the application process here.
Quick Overview:
Organization  Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Type of position postdoctoral
Country Norway
Subject areas Systems Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology,math,physics,computer sciences
Deadline September 14,2020

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