Postdoctoral Researcher in Biochemistry: Aalto University

The Biochemistry group develops metabolic pathways and enzymes for the conversion of CO2 to fuels. The lab is looking for a Postdoc fellow with strong knowledge in Biochemistry / Enzymology.

Research is carried out at our excellent facilities at Aalto University, School of Chemical Engineering. The laboratories are situated on the main campus of Aalto University within the Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems. 

Research details

Most experiments will be performed in anaerobic chambers. Probable projects are:

    1. Tune enzymes and redox cofactors for biotechnological CO2 reduction
    2. Design of synthetic metabolic pathways
    3. In vitro pathway design for studying the bioenergetics/thermodynamics
    4. Study archaeal enzymes and elucidate their reaction mechanisms
    5. Possible projects also involve NMR spectroscopy, synthesis of substrate analogs, or electrochemistry 

Requirements / Qualifications / Experience

    1. Ph.D. in suitable fields, for example, biochemistry, enzyme engineering, (bio)organic chemistry, NMR spectroscopy of biomolecules
    2. Develop own smart ideas and think independently
    3. Good written and oral communication skills in English

Skills, knowledge, or interest in some of the following areas are highly appreciated:

    1. Enzymology, protein purification
    2. Metabolic modeling and thermodynamics
    3. Spectroscopic methods (HPLC, NMR, EPR, Electrochemistry)
    4. Solid understanding of organic chemistry and reaction mechanisms 

Application Procedure

Submit your application, through our recruitment system from the link below.

To apply, please submit the following application materials with us (in English, only pdf documents):

    1. Cover letter (start as follows: “I am interested in this position because… “)
    2. CV, incl. list of publications
    3. Research interest description
    4. Names and contact details of references (or to be provided upon request)
Quick Overview————-
Organization Aalto University
Fellowship Level PostDoctoral
Country Finland
Subject areas Biochemistry, Enzyme Engineering, (bio)organic chemistry, NMR spectroscopy of biomolecules
Fellowship amount Varies
Eligibility Master’s
Deadline August 31st, 2021

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