European Space Agency postdoctoral Research Fellowships are available in Space Sciences & Exploration (Europe, United States). ESA‘s postdoctoral Research Fellowship programme offers young scientists and engineers the possibility to carry out research in a variety of disciplines related to space science, space applications or space technology.

1.      Research Fellowships in Space Science & Exploration specifically offer the opportunity to contribute to ESA‘s endeavour to explore our Solar System and the Universe in the fields of human and robotic exploration, heliophysics, planetary science, astrophysics and fundamental physics.

2.      Research Fellows also help foster a lively scientific environment in the directorates, inspiring ESA scientists to get involved in new scientific activities. The Research Fellowship programme nurtures and strengthens the links between ESA and the scientific communities in the Member States.

3.      Approximately 9 ESA Fellowships in Space Science and 9 in Human and Robotic Exploration will be offered this year, to join the pool of about 30 Research Fellows in the two Directorates (Science and Human and Robotic Exploration).

4.      This year, the Directorate for Human and Robotic Exploration is interested in Research Fellows working on various specific projects with brief descriptions under:

These Fellowships are offered at ESTEC, EAC, or ECSAT.

Within the Directorate of Science, we are welcoming all proposals for innovative research associated with one or more of our missions. These Fellowships can be taken at any of the three sites: ESAC, ESTEC, or STScI.

Qualifications/ Requirements

1.      Applicants must have completed and obtained their PhD before starting the Research Fellowship.

2.      Applications submitted by candidates within five years of receiving their PhD are preferred.

How to apply

Apply according to the instructions given at

Quick Overview—————
Organization European Space Agency
Fellowship Level Postdoc
Country Europe, US
Subject areas Space Science, Astronomy, Planetary Science, Human and Robotic Exploration
Fellowship amount €3000 to €3800 per month
Eligibility Only citizens of ESA Member States or countries associated with ESA are eligible.

To learn more about the research conducted by the Directorate’s scientists, please visit the Science Faculty site at

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