The Department of Physics and Astronomy and at the Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center at Århus University has opening for a postdoctoral position in Astrochemistry. The successful applicants will participate in the experimental research activities under InterCat aimed at determining how interstellar nanoscale dust grains act as catalysts for the formation of the molecular building blocks of life, in space.

About the position:
  • Synthesis of realistic interstellar dust grain analogues (carbonaceous materials, silicates and ice-clusters).
  • Characterization of these based on existing STM, AFM, TPD, AUGER, XPS, RAMAN spectroscopy and optical spectroscopy setups.
  • Mapping of catalytic pathways and reaction rates on interstellar dust grain analogue surfaces using STM, TPD, and XPS.
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting on various experimental UHV setups
  • Participating in maintenance of the group laboratories.
  • Data analysis and writing scientific publications.
  • Supervision of PhD, Master and bachelor students.
  • Project administration, such as writing reports etc.


  • Candidates should have a PhD degree in physics or similar field, with strong experience in experimental surface science, UHV techniques, catalysis/reactions on surfaces and atomic scale characterization.
  • The ideal candidate has good collaboration skills and is also able to work independently.


  • Apply online and application must be in English and must include the following:
  • CV
  • Degree certificate
  • Description of previous relevant merits
  • Complete list of publications
  • A statement of future research plans and information about research activities, teaching portfolio and verified information on previous teaching experience (if any).
—————–Quick Overview————-
Organization Aarhus University
Country Denmark
Fellowship Level Postdoctoral
Subject areas Physics
Fellowship amount Varies
Eligibility PhD degree
Deadline 13 July 2020

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