The Department of Zoology consists of five divisions: Ecology, Ethology, Functional Morphology, Population Genetics, and Systematics and Evolution.

At present the department accommodates 45 to50 staff and a similar number of PhD students.

  1. The advertised position will be part of the Division of Ethology.
  2. There is a long-standing tradition for researchers at the Division of Ethology to collaborate with researchers from other fields, such as evolutionary ecology, theoretical evolutionary biology, and the study of cultural evolution.
  3. A postdoctoral research position focused on song learning in birds is available in David Wheatcroft’s research group in the Department of Zoology at Stockholm University.
  4. The aim of this project is to disentangle the roles of early life experience and genetics in song learning.
  5. Among other topics, the project could focus on cross-generational cultural inheritance of song in the wild, assessment of vocal and auditory development in captive and wild individuals, as well as the function of song variation across individuals.

Research would focus on wild and captive songbirds, primarily pied (Ficedula hypoleuca) and collared (Ficedula albicollis) flycatchers and their hybrids.

  Eligibility Criteria

  1. Postdoctoral positions are appointed primarily for purposes of research.
  2. Candidates are expected to hold a Swedish doctoral degree or an equivalent degree from another country.
  3. PhD degrees should preferably focused on Ethology, Behavioural Ecology, Evolutionary Biology or a related subject.
  4. The degree should have been completed no more than three years before the deadline for applications.
  5. An older degree may be acceptable under special circumstances, which may involve sick leave, parental leave, clinical attachment, elected positions in trade unions, or similar.

How to apply

  1. Apply for the position at Stockholm University’s recruitment system. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application is complete in accordance with the instructions in the job advertisement, and that it is submitted before the deadline.Further information about the position can be obtained from
Quick Overview
Organization Stockholm University
Type of position Postdoctoral position
Country Sweden
Subject areas Ecology, Ethnology, Functional Morphology, Population Genetics, Evolution
Deadline August 31.2020

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