The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) Rome, EMBL EBI (Hinxton) and the Italian Institute of Technology is jointly offering a postdoctoral programme.

About the programme:
  • Successful ETPOD postdocs will be awarded a 3-year fellowship to work on a joint project between a group at IIT and a group either at EMBL Rome or EMBL EBI.
  • The postdoctoral fellowships will be awarded in 2020, to start as soon as possible. Fellowships typically begin before the end of the year, but the start date may be delayed with the agreement of the group leaders.
  • The initial contract is for a period of 3 years with the possibility of a fixed-term extension.

Pre-defined projects:

  1. “Neural encoding of “surprise” in the mouse brain” – Hiroki Asari (EMBL Rome) & Giandomenico Iannetti (IIT Rome)
  2. “Nanopore-based Protein Identification” – Francesco De Angelis (IIT Genova) & Nick Goldman (EMBL EBI)
  3. “Computational and experimental approaches to uncover the integration of visual information and internal states in the mouse visual system” – Stefano Panzeri (IIT Trento), Hiroki Asari (EMBL Rome) & Santiago Rompani (EMBL Rome)
  4. Large scale identification of the circRNA interactome in motor neuron homeostasis and in neurodegeneration” – Irene Bozzoni (CLNS@Sapienza Rome) & Alex Bateman (EMBL EBI)
  5. “Single molecule detection and quantification of RNA modifications in human cancer samples from Nanopore data” – Tommaso Leonardi (IIT Milano), Francesco Nicassio (IIT Milano) & Ewan Birney (EMBL EBI)
  6. “Oxytocin-Cannabinoids Cross-Talk in the Social Gut-Brain-Axis” – Francesco Papaleo (IIT Genova), Rob Finn (EMBL EBI) & Jamie Hackett (EMBL Rome)
  7. “Single-Cell Spatially-Resolved Cortical Development in Copy Number Variants Associated with Psychiatric Vulnerability” – Irene Papatheodorou (EMBL EBI), Francesco Papaleo (IIT Genova) & Francesco Nicassio (IIT Milano)
  8. “Computational methods for the analysis of single-cell RNAseq data at single-molecule resolution” – Tommaso Leonardi, Francesco Nicassio (IIT Milano) & Isidro Cortés-Ciriano (EMBL-EBI)


Apply online and applications should consist of:

  • A cover letter specifying the project you are applying for;
  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Two recent letters of reference.
—————–Quick Overview————-
Organization European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)
Country Italy
Fellowship Level Postdoctoral
Subject areas Neuroscience, Nanotechnology, Robotics
Fellowship amount Varies
Eligibility Open to all nationalities
Deadline 31 August 2020

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