Quantitative Modelling of Cell Metabolism (QMCM) is a new section at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Centre for Bio sustainability, headed by Professor Lars Keld Nielsen and supported by a NovoNordisk Foundation Laureate Research Grant.

  1. In QMCM, we focus on developing mathematical models to explore and explain the molecular basis for homeostasis – the self-regulating processes evolved to maintain metabolic equilibrium in organisms
  2. This is an opportunity for a scientific programmer with expertise in scientific computing and modern software engineering practices to join an interdisciplinary team working on biological network modelling, computer science and algorithmic, statistical computing and bioinformatics, to solve the fundamental challenge of formulating and fitting very large non-linear models of cellular metabolism.
  3. Develop the tools needed to formulate and fit large network kinetic models.
  4. Explore several aberrant metabolic phenotypes, including the Warburg Effect in cancer cells and common genetic disorders of red blood cell metabolism.
  5. Explore several product models in E. coli and yeast in order to guide superior cell factory designs.

.Qualification requirements:

  1. Candidates should have a PhD degree or equivalent. These qualifications are essential:
  2. Your write high-quality, structured and maintainable code.
  3. You have experience of implementing scientific algorithms with high-performance software.
  4. You are at ease working in teams as well as working independently.
  5. Experience in the following areas is a plus:
  6. Probabilistic programming and automatic differentiation
  7. Scientific programming in C++
  8. Equation solving algorithms
  9. GPU computing
  10. MPI and/or open
  11. HPC environments
  12. Dicker and similar virtualization technologies
  13. Developing web applications and services

How to Apply

Further information may be obtained from Scientific Director Lars Keld Nielsen, lakeni(A)biosustain.dtu.dk.

  1. You can read more about The Novo Nordisk Foundation Centre for Bio sustainability on biosustain.dtu.dk/english.
  2. Applications and enclosures received after the deadline will not be considered.
    All interested candidates irrespective of age, gender, disability, race, religion or ethnic background are encouraged to apply.
Quick Overview
Organization  Technical University of Denmark
Level Post Doctoral
Country Denmark
Subject areas Software engineering, Computational biology Cellular metabolism
Eligibility Post Doctoral
Deadline September, 18, 2020

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