Gonda Multidisciplinary Brain center at Bar-Ilan University (Israel)at Bar-Ilan University brings together researchers in a variety of fields which are essential to understanding the brain, including psychology, linguistics, physics, computing and biology.

Research at the Gonda Center studies the brain at all levels – from behavior and cognitive processing through detailed mechanisms of information processing in neural circuits, to the analysis of vital molecules within nerve cells. The Gonda Center attracts new, top-flight researchers from Israel and around the world.

Postdoctoral position is available with PI: Dr. Vadim Axelrod in Cognitive Neuroscience, Human Brain & Cognition Lab (https://www.axelrodlab.org/).

The lab will host a researcher via Azrieli foundation 2-year fellowship:https://azrielifoundation.org/fellows/internationalpostdoctoral/ ( ~47,000 Euro per year)

Research approaches cover all techniques from personal interviews, through electro physiology and from molecular biology to abstract mathematical modeling.

Lab Research interests:

  1. Consciousness & awareness
  2. Spontaneous activity, functional connectivity and brain networks
  3. Default network and internal-directed cognition (e.g., mind-wandering)
  4. Face processing and recognition

Lab Methods: fMRI (3T and 7T), MEG, human intracranial recording, tDCS

Qualifications Requirements: Applicant having PhD in European country or Canada can apply.

How to apply: Send your CV having all the information reflecting your research credential to Dr. Vadim Axelrod (vadim.axelrod@gmail.com)

You can contact Dr. Vadim Axelrod (head of the lab) for any further clarification.

Quick Overview——-
Organization Gonda Multidisciplinary Brain center at Bar-Ilan University
Fellowship Level Postdoc
Country Israel
Subject areas Cognitive Neuroscience
Fellowship amount ~47,000 Euro per year
Eligibility PhD in European country or Canada
Deadline November 01, 2020


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