CEA-Leti is looking for a high-level junior researcher that will impulse a new dynamic on the environmental exposure (exposome) measurement topic and be the manager of his/her groundbreaking research project in phase with local teams

About the position:

  1. The notion of exposome was proposed in 2005 by Christopher Wild in the review article « Complementing the Genome with an “Exposome”:
  2. The Outstanding Challenge of Environmental Exposure Measurement in Molecular Epidemiology ». So, the exposome can be defined as the sum of all exposures to environmental factors experienced by the human organism from birth to the end of life that may de facto affect its health status.
  3. Therefore, it is related to a wide variety of factors including societal ones, physical fields (electric and electromagnetic fields), biological and vegetal objects (bacteria, pollens…) as well as chemicals (pollutants, additives, pharmaceutics…).
  4. In particular, a salient aspect of environmental exposure deals with exogenous (bio) chemical factors directly (soil, air or water quality) or indirectly (biologically or industrially processed food) associated with the human environment.

Eligibility Criteria:

PhD in relevant subject

How to Apply:

Apply online

Quick Overview:
Originations CEA TECH
Type of position Postdoctoral
Country France
Subject areas Biochemistry.ecology,molecular biology,enviormental chemistry,enviormental science,epidemology
Deadline October31,2020

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