Postdoc Fellowship Program: Institut Curie

Each year, several of postdocs join Institut Curie laboratories to learn, share ideas, and actively contribute to scientific and medical projects.

Research Areas

  1. Biology and Chemistry of Radiations, Cell Signaling, and Cancer
  2. Biology, Cancer, Genetics, and Epigenetics
  3. Integrative Tumour Biology, Immunology and Environment
  4. Multiscale Physics-Biology-Chemistry
  5. Translational Research

Each year, dozens of post-docs join Institut Curie laboratories to learn, share ideas, and actively contribute to scientific and medical projects. They receive a variety of funding, such as international grants from Human Frontiers, EMBO, and/or funding from teams in specific programs and international networks.

Postdoctoral Program Detail

A foreign postdoc researcher interesting in continuing their research at a laboratory in the Institut Curie Research Center may obtain a one-year grant.

Benefits: The amount of the grant is paid in the form of a salary, as legislation requires, and reflects the candidate’s experience. Below is the procedure: 

Application Procedure 

Applications must include the following documents:

  1. A complete updated resume including publications
  2. Letters of recommendation from scientists
  3. Approval from the host laboratory indicating its willingness to take on the candidate
  4. A brief description of the research project that will be carried out during the tenure
  5. A personalized letter from the applicant to the director of the Research Center, stating that the candidate agrees to seek other funding and to switch to this funding as soon as it is obtained. 

Selection Criteria 

Applicants are selected based on several criteria:

  1. The quality of the CV and prior work
  2. Benefits that the applicant’s project offers to the Research Center
  3. The candidate’s ability to successfully complete a postdoctoral at Institut´s laboratory by finding financing from other entities to replace the institute’s funding. 

Applications must be sent to:  

Alain Puisieux, Director of the Institut or directly to the Director of the Research Unit in which the researchers wishes to work, and who will pass it on to the Director of the Research Center.

Quick Overview————-
Organization Institut Curie
Country France
Fellowship Level PostDoctoral
Subject areas Biology and Chemistry, Cell Signaling and Cancer  Biology, Genetics and Epigenetics, Immunology and Environment, Physics, Translational Research
Fellowship amount Varies
Eligibility Open to all International Candidates
Deadline Rolling

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