Expressions of interest are sought from outstanding candidates for PhD study in Chemical Engineering, within the Faculty of Engineering. Located within the Clean Solid Fuel Laboratory.

  1. A full scholarship is available for a PhD student to conduct research on development of advanced catalysts based on the use of two-dimensional (2D) magnesium oxide as the support.
  2. The research will be conducted in Clean Solid Fuel Laboratory (CSFL) led by Associate Professor Lian Zhang in the Department of Chemical Engineering.
  3. This project will be initiated from the synthesis of 2D magnesium hydroxide through the use of different feedstock and approaches.
  4. Subsequently, the resultant magnesium hydroxide will be impregnated with a specific metal such as nickel (Ni) or palladium (Pd) and tested for a variety of potential reactions for the conversion of CO2.
  5. These reactions may include, but are not limited to those such as methane dry reforming and hydrogenation of CO2.
  6. Apart from the synthesis of 2D support, innovative approach is also expected to be sought to load the transition/noble metal as single atoms on the support, with and without the loading of a promoter.
  7. Prof Lian Zhang’s group has a few platform technologies and exercise in this area. In the past decades, we have been working on carbon capture and storage (CCS), and the synthesis of advanced 2D materials from solid wastes such as fly ash.
  8. We have also established strong collaboration with the world-class catalysis experts and computer modelling experts to understand the reaction mechanisms from different levels including molecular level based on density functional theory.

 Eligibility Criteria

Applicants will be considered provided they fulfil the criteria for PhD admission at Monash University and demonstrate excellent research capability. Details of the relevant requirements are available at .

  1. A cover letter that includes a brief statement of applicants suitability
  2. A Curriculum Vitae, including a list of published works
  3. A full statement of Academic Record, supported by scanned copies of relevant certified documentation
  4. Contact detail of two academic referees
  5. Evidence of English language proficiency


For more information about the position please contact  via email to:

Professor Lian Zhang,

Quick Overview
Type of position , PhD Scholarship
Country   Australia
Subject areas Chemical Engineering
Deadline September 30, 2020

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