PhD student Laboratory for Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

Overview: At the physics department of the University of Antwerp (UA), Belgium, a PhD student position is available in the Laboratory for Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, in collaboration with the Brussels Photonics team (B-PHOT, VUB), and financed in the framework of a nationally funded Excellence of Science (EOS) project:

Topics: Nonlinear-optical nano-hybrid materials towards bio-imaging applications.

  1. Organic conjugated molecules can exhibit an extraordinarily large non-linear optical (NLO) response due to their highly polarisable electronic system, which is promising for applications such as frequency conversion of lasers and as ultrafast light modulators and switches for optical telecommunications.
  2. In this project, you will build on the host group’s recent breakthroughs in the alignment of NLO molecules inside carbon nanotubes to obtain a further dramatic cooperative enhancement of the molecular NLO responses, to develop and characterise new NLO nano-hybrid materials and work towards their implementation in fibre-optic devices for second harmonic bio-imaging.
  3. You will also contribute to the further development of these techniques. At UA you will be supervised by W. Wenseleers and S. Cambré. For the implementation in macroscopic NLO materials and fibre-optic devices, you will be co-supervised by N. Vermeulen at VUB, B-PHOT, where you can draw on the extensive expertise in photonic device and specialty optical fibre development.

Required Qualifications

  1. Position is available immediately; exact date to be agreed with candidate.
  2. You obtained a diploma of Master in Physics or Engineer in a related field, with excellent grades.
  3. You are very motivated for experimental scientific research and you wish to prepare a PhD thesis in this area of research.
  4. Also in case you are interested and you have not obtained your diploma yet, but expect to do so in 2020, please apply now already.

Application Procedure: You can apply for this vacancy through the University of Antwerp’s online . Click on ‘apply’, complete the online application form and don’t forget to include the following document(s):

  • A motivation letter,
  • A detailed CV (including followed courses, honours, grades, previous work, programming skills, publications,
  • Contact info of two references

If you have any questions about the online application form, please check the frequently asked questions or send an email to If you have any questions about the job itself, please contact

Quick Overview
Organization University of Antwerp
Level Postdoctoral
Country Belgium
Subject areas   Physics
Contact web:
Deadline  August 31,2020

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