The Faculty of Engineering and Science, Department of Chemistry and Bioscience at Aalborg University is offering a 3-year PhD stipend is available within the PhD program of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Environmental Engineering. The project is on Quantification of Bioactive Food-Peptides (Q-BIOPEP) (18-20052).

About the position:
  • The PhD stipend is fully funded by a grant from “Karl Pedersen og Hustrus Industrifond”. A fair amount of collaboration with external partners (industrial and academic) off campus will be an integrated part of the project.
  • The overall aim of the project is to unlock the potential of applying novel proteomics methods within the fields of food protein science and bioactive food ingredients.
  • The project focuses on development of analytical methods to accommodate the unmet need for deep and quantitative analysis of peptides released through enzymatic hydrolysis or fermentation. This will be directly applicable for valorization of side- and waste-streams from the food processing industry for production of bioactive ingredients to replace chemical additives in food.
  • The methods may also assist in adding value to bulk plant protein currently used as low value material in e.g. animal feed.
  • The aim is to provide a major contribution to the Green Transition by adhering to several of the Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations.


  • Applicants should hold a Master’s Degree (or equivalent) in Biotechnology, Protein or Peptide Science, Data Science/Bioinformatics or similar.
  • Applicants should have an interest in the interphase between advanced MS-based protein/peptide analysis and big data bioinformatics.
  • Knowledge of and experience with one or more of the following will be a prerequisite: Quantitative proteomics using LC-MS/MS; Rational design of peptides based on physiochemical properties; Machine learning-based big data analysis and subsequent algorithm development.
  • An excellent level of both spoken and written English is expected, to accommodate scientific communication and dissemination.


Apply online and submit the following:

  • CV
  • List of publications (if available)
  • Official examination certificates (including academic transcripts)
  • One or more recommendation letters.
—————–Quick Overview————-
Organization Aalborg University
Country Denmark
Fellowship Level Doctoral
Subject areas Biotechnology, Protein/Peptide Science, Data Science, Bioinformatics
Fellowship amount Varies

Master’s degree

Deadline 31/07/2020

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