Opportunities at the The Paul Scherrer Institute: PhD, Postdoc, Research

Organization: Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI), Switzerland

Position 1: Postdoctoral Fellow

Thin films growth and characterization of piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials

Position 2: PhD Student

Project funded by the Swiss Science Foundation in the field of Additive Manufacturing research with neutrons and X-Rays.

Position 3: PhD Student

MOF-based catalysts for alkaline electrolyzers

Position 4: Postdoctoral Fellow

The LSF and the FEL Beam Dynamics Group

Position 5: Postdoctoral Fellow

Dynamic phase contrast X-Ray Imaging of sound transmission in the human middle ear

Position 6: Postdoctoral Fellow

Ultrafast processes in magnetic nanostructures

Position 7: Postdoctoral Fellow

Diffractive X-Ray optical elements for experiments with XFEL radiation

Position 8: Postdoctoral Fellow

Fully-automated serial crystallography pipeline of micro protein crystal samples from crystallization to data processing.

Position 9: PhD Student

Interface characterization and material modification in all-solid-state batteries        5411-

Position 10: PhD Student

Atmospheric multiphase chemistry

Position 11: Postdoctoral Fellow

Correlated-electron physics

Position 12: PhD Student

Origin of irradiation creep – studied by in-beam creep testing, ex-situ TEM observation and SIMS trace diffusion measurement

Position 13: PhD Student

To work on the molecular scale understanding of competitive cation adsorption on swelling clay minerals

Position 14: PhD Student

In a multidisciplinary project expanding chemical separations of radionuclides with modern electrochemical techniques

Position 15: PhD Student

Investigation of protection limits in Nb3Sn accelerator magnets

Quick Overview———
Organization Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI)
Level Postdoc, PhD
Country Switzerland
Subject areas Sciences, Engineering
Salary As per Institutes norms
Eligibility Masters / PhD degree
Deadline varies

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