We provide consultancy in following area

  1. Biotechnology
    Guidance in opening new biotech related entrepreneurship, Research Lab Setup,
    Troubleshoot in the lab protocols( i.e, Real Time PCR, PCR, Pulse field gel electrophoresis,
    cell culture, stem cell research, Microscopy), Training for good Lab practice, Standardization
    of Molecular biology Lab Protocols,

  2. Microbiology
    A. Agriculture Microbiology
         To establish Bio fertilizers, Biopestisides units, Check the soil health

    B. Clinical microbiology
         We have good panel of expert clinical microbiologist who can provide consultancy;    clinical labs, COVID-19 lab setting, COVID-19 informations, Guidelines for COVID-19

    C. We helps in arranging reference strains and cell lines that required in laboratories for
    experiments only.

  3. Biostatics and Project writing and other related work

  4. Agriculture
    Medicinal Plants, Organic Farming, Kitchen Garden Setting, Soil Testing, Farm
    equipments consultancy