Dr. D. S. Kothari Postdoctoral Fellowship (DSKPDF) Scheme was introduced by the University Grants Commission (UGC) in year 2007 on the recommendation of the Empowered Committee (EC)

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Candidates below the age of 35 year
  2. D. degreeor submitted their Ph.D. thesis.
  3. Candidates should identify Mentor / Supervisor for their postdoc Research work and must obtain consent for the guidance.
  4. After selection, the candidates holding Ph.D. degree will be directly awarded the PDF award.
  5. Those who have submitted their Ph.D. thesis will be awarded the ‘bridging, until they are formally awarded the Ph.D. degree.

Duration: The maximum duration would be three years. The fellowships will be awarded on yearly basis with a renewal/termination clause on the basis of PDF mentor/peer group appraisal.

Fellowship amount

The monthly stipend for these awards would be as follows

  1. Bridging fellowship: Rs. 34,100/-
  2. Normal fellowship: Rs. 43,400/-, Rs. 45,000/- and Rs. 46,500/- respectively for three years
  3. Higher fellowship: Rs. 46,500/-
  1. The Fellow is provided with a contingency grant of Rs. 1,00,000 p.a

 Application process (How to Apply)

  1. The selection process will be open all the year round in ‘…as and when…’ mode and not restricted by any specified deadlines.
  2. Applications should be uploaded electronically on forms that can be found on the indicated website.
  3. There would be up to 300 to 400 such awards every year, (with a max. 1000 at its peak).

Application steps

  1. Register and Login ID
  2. Enter some basic information about yourself and about your Degree.
  3. Upload your actual application form and documents by using the above Login ID and Password.
  4. Fill-in all the columns and attach the summary Ph.D. work,
  5. A summary of the proposed research work and
  6. Mentor’s CV in specified format

Application deadlines: Applications are accepted throughout the year.

——Quick Overview———
Organization  Kothari Postdoc Fellowships
Level  Postdoc
Country  India
Subject areas  Sciences and Engineering
Salary  As per UGC norms
Eligibility  PhD holders of Indian nationality
Deadline  Accepted throughout the year:

No specific deadlines


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