Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT-D) invites applications/Walk-in Interview for various project positions.

Position 1: IITD/IRD/107/2020 Unnat Bharat abhiyan Others SEG (MI02168G)

Centre for Rural Development & Technology

Prof. (Ms.) Priyanka Kaushal

Last date: 23/07/2020


Department of Applied Mechanics

Prof. (Ms.) Anita Roy

Last date: 24/07/2020

Position 3: IITD/IRD/109/2020 Development of Engineered Bamboo Structures Technology for Modular RuralHousing Towards Sustainable Built Environment (RP03685G)

Department of Civil Engineering

Prof. Suresh Bhalla

Last date: 24/07/2020

Position 4: IITD/IRD/108/2020 Acoustic Emission (AE) Waveform Interpretation and Development of Snowpack Failure Prediction Algorithm and Application Utility (RP03939G)

Centre for Applied Research in Electronics

Prof. (Ms.) Monika Aggarwal

Last date: 24/07/2020

Position 5: IITD/IRD/106/2020 Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Productivity Employability and Business Models in Health Care Sector (RP03694G)

Department of Management Studies

Prof. Sanjay Dhir

Last date: 24/07/2020

Position 6: IITD/IRD/112/2020 Delhi Air Quality Experiment: A Paradigm Shift in Source Apportionment (RP03788G)

Centre for Atmospheric Science

Prof. Dilip Ganguly

Last date: 25/07/2020

Position 7: IITD/IRD/111/2020 Behavior based evaluation for reliable annotation in NLP (RP03887G)

Department of Humanities & Social Sciences

Prof. (Ms.) Ashwini J Vaidya

Last date: 25/07/2020

Position 8: IITD/IRD/110/2020 MAVI: Mobility Assistant for Visually Impaired (RP03678G)

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Prof. Chetan Arora

Last date: 25/07/2020

Position 9: ADVT NOTICE  “Development of High Voltage DC (HVDC) Circuit Breaker”

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Prof. Krishnakant Agrawal

Last date: 30/07/2020

Position 10: IITD/IRD/114/2020 Development of Multilayered Coated and Laminated Fabric for Aerostat Hull Material (RP03465G)

Department of Textile Technology

Prof. (Ms.) Mangala Joshi

Last date: 04/08/2020

Position 11: IITD/IRD/113/2020 Development of an Integrated Process for Conversion of Biomass to Affordable Liquid Biofuel (RP03509G)

Department of Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology

Prof. Atul Narang

Last date: 04/08/2020

Position 12: IITD/IRD/115/2020 Artificial intelligence based mobile app for identification and advisory of maize diseases and insect pests (RP03649G)

Department of Electrical Engineering

Prof. Brejesh Lall

Last date: 05/08/2020

————–Quick Overview————-
Organization Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT-D)
Fellowship Level Technical positions
Country India
Subject areas Engineering, biotechnology, Textile
Fellowship amount Varies
Eligibility Open to Indian nationals
Deadline Varies

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