At IBM, they develop computational techniques based on image processing and machine learning to extract the data that sets automatically. From the taxonomy of various diagrams, currently the focus is primarily on line and scatter plots.

Project: Quantum Information Science with Superconducting Quantum Devices.

Within the SNSF (Swiss National Science Foundation) -funded venture ‘Exploring Geometric Effects and Geometric Gates with Superconducting Circuits’ they are seeking a brilliant, skilled and greatly motivated candidate interested in the project.

Responsibilities during investigation:

  • Experimental study of two-qubit interactions, in particular those exploiting geometric property, with superconducting qubits implanted in a planar or 3D circuit quantum electrodynamics (QED) architecture with the objective to appreciate solely geometric quantum algorithms and examine the use of geometric phases in quantum simulations.

This study is part of the quantum technology initiative at IBM Research, Zurich aiming towards the understanding of a large scale quantum information processor, and is conceded out in partnership with the Quantum Device Lab headed by Prof. Andreas Wallraff conducting a wide array of activities in the turf of quantum optics and information processing with superconducting circuits.

—————Quick Overview————-
Organization IBM Research, Zurich
Fellowship Level Postdoctoral
Country Switzerland
Subject areas Physics, Electronics and Communication Engineering
Fellowship amount
Eligibility PhD
Deadline Rolling


  • PhD in quantum physics, with a strong experience in quantum information processing and superconducting circuits.
  • Candidate shall be curious to study new investigational techniques and is keen to expand his or her present expertise in signal processing, control and measurement automation, microwave engineering, low-temperature physics or data analysis, nano- and micro-fabrication.


IBM is dedicated to diversity at the place of work. An excellent, flexible working provision allows both women and men to strike the desired balance between their professional growth and their personal lives.

How to apply:

  • CV
  • Record of publications
  • Statement of research interests as well as a short narrative of your backdrop, motivation and skills.
  • Names of three referees

Note: One letter of reference to be directly sent by email to Stefan Filipp at

For Further Details:

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