Hokkaido University Presidents Fellowship 2021 (Fully Funded), Japan

Financial Benefits:

Hokkaido University Presidents Fellowship 2021 in Japan for Students from around the world to get their postgraduate degree will cover all the expenses to study from abroad. Detail is given below:

Fellowship Amount: Round about 2,300,000 yen will be given in the 1st year and 1,800,000 yen for the 2nd year. The fellowship will cover the following:

  1. Application Fees
  2. Enrollment Fees
  3. Complete Tuition Fees
  4. Monthly Stipend
  5. Extra 70,000 yen will be given to Research Students
  6. Students can avail On-Camus housing during the scholarship duration.

Scholarships Details:

  1. Master’s Degree: 2 years
  2. Professional Degree (Accounting and Public Policy): 2 years
  3. Professional Degree (Law): 3 years
  4. PhD Degree: 3 years
  5. PhD Degree in Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Infectious Diseases, or Clinical Pharmacy: 4 years

Required Documents:

  1. completed Application for Hokkaido University President’s Fellowship (Download Form – official link at the end of the post). Before going to submit your application, please contact with your prospective supervisor and consult with them about the topic and plan of your research.
  2. Get a Consent letter from your prospective supervisor.
  3. Academic Transcripts. To apply for PhD degree, both Bachelors and Masters Degree Transcripts must be submitted.
  4. Recommendation Latter from a supervisor at your university (no set form).
  5.  Your university’s president have to provide Official Candidacy Letter to the President of Hokkaido University.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Current Students or alumni students of universities that have concluded Inter University Exchange Agreements and a Memorandum of Understanding on Student Exchangewith Hokkaido University can eligible to apply (candidates who are already students of Hokkaido University are not eligible to apply).
  2. Students should not be availing any other fellowships or scholarships when enrolling in Hokkaido University.
  1. Students who are in the top 25% in the class of Home University are recommended to apply and students have to provide proof signed by President of that university.

Application Procedure

In order to apply for the Fellowship 2021 in Japan, applicants need to follow the given below steps:

  1. Submit the above mentioned documents to their university.
  2. Every affiliated University can select only ONE student, and send required documents to Hokkaido University before the deadline is over.
    1. Directly sent applications by the applicants will not be accepted.
    2. Submitted documents will not be returned.
    3. In case of any change on the applicant’s status, please inform Hokkaido University through the affiliated University as soon as possible.

Application Deadline: 8th January 2021.

Quick Overview———
Organization Hokkaido University
Level Master’s, PhD
Country Japan
Subject areas Japanese Literature
Eligibility Open for international students
Deadline 8th January 2021


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