Helmholtz Association is offering Helmholtz Young Investigator Groups, allows supporting the early independence of young scientists and offering them reliable career prospects.

About the program:
  • Helmholtz Young Investigator Groups allow the Helmholtz Association to offer internationally outstanding postdoctoral researchers the opportunity to establish their own research groups.
  • Up to 9 Young Investigator Groups are funded each year, identified through a highly competitive selection procedure, and funded for five years with a total of at least 1.5 million euros.


  • The program is aimed at young scientists who completed their doctorates two to six years ago. Periods of child- rearing that fall within the postdoctoral phase can be credited (up to two years per child).
  • Candidates must also have relevant experience abroad. This can be at least six months of continuous experience abroad during the doctoral or postdoctoral phase, the acquisition of an academic degree abroad, or the coordination of a major international project.

Selection Procedure:

  • Apply directly to a Helmholtz Center with the research project. The Center in question is responsible for organizing the pre-selection.
  • If Helmholtz Center nominates the candidate, the Helmholtz Association Head Office will generally obtain at least two written scientific appraisals for the proposal.
  • Applicants (no more than 25) with positive written assessments will then be invited to meet with an interdisciplinary panel of experts chaired by the President of the Helmholtz Association.

How to apply:

Apply online

—————–Quick Overview————-
Organization Helmholtz Association
Country Germany
Fellowship Level Grants
Subject areas

Energy, Earth and Environment, Health, Information, Matter, and Aeronautics, Space, and Transport

Fellowship amount minimum of 300,000 Euros a year for five years
Eligibility Open to all nationalities
Deadline May 3, 2021

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