European Charlemagne Prize Fellowships: Postdoctoral / Scientist Faculty / Groups

The European Charlemagne Prize Fellowship is an endowed 1-year program of the European Charlemagne Prize Academy. It consists of individual research, the fulfillment of personal milestones, networking events, as well as a final publication and the presentation of the prospective research results at a conference summit.

Duration: one year
Funding: 25.000 € per research project
Research options: individual research, research group or as employee of a scientific, political, cultural or economic institute/organization/Think Tank
Topic: individual selection of the research question in accordance with the annual focus area
Location: country of residence, local office of the hosting institution, field research

Program Details

Fellowships: The program includes a grant of 25,000 € per research project, academic mentoring and networking opportunities.


The Fellowship itself will start with a prospective conference in autumn, comprising first thematic discussions, networking events and the grant-award ceremony. In course of this event, the Fellows will firstly meet the patrons of this year’s program, their mentors, the committee members, partner institutions and representatives from academia and politics.

Fellowship overview

The topic-related tasks will then be carried out independently by the candidates under academic supervision and support in their respective home countries or at the local offices of their institution of choice. With the completion of the research project, the Fellows and the Foundation will work on a joint publication to present their findings, data and comments on future developments in Europe.

During the Fellowship, different additional opportunities for networking and exchange will be organized by the Charlemagne Prize Foundation and its partner organizations, creating the chance to present the individual research progress in front of a larger audience.

Time Line
1.    Application Period: June – August
2.    Final Selection: September/October
3.    Kick-Off Summit: November
4.    1st research quarter: December – February
5.    Presentation of the 1st milestone: February (first networking event)
6.    2nd research quarter: March – May
7.    Presentation of the 2nd milestone: May (second networking event during the side programme of the Charlemagne Prize)
8.    3rd research quarter: June – August
9.    Completion of research results: September – October
10. Final Presentation and Publication: November

Quick Overview————-

Organization European Charlemagne
Fellowship Level Postdoctoral /  Scientist / Faculty / Group
Country Any Country
Subject areas Multiple
Fellowship amount G25,000 € per research project + Other expences
Eligibility Open to all nationalities
Deadline June – August

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