Chalmers University of Technology: 26 Postdoctoral positions

Position 1: 20190722 Postdoctoral position in yeast cell factory design and production of biochemical

Application deadline: 17/08/2020

Position 2: 20200358 Postdoc position in development of glutamate sensors for neuroscience

Application deadline: 31/08/2020

Position 3: 20200357 2 Postdoc Positions in Quantum Acoustic with Superconducting Circuits

Application deadline: 01/10/2020

Position 4: 20200246 Postdoc in advanced electron microscopy of 2D materials

Application deadline: 30/09/2020

Position 5: 20200351 Two postdoc positions in climate neutral cement production

Application deadline: 01/09/2020

Position 6: 20200221 Postdoc in Polymer Synthesis for Thermoelectrics and Wearable Electronics

Application deadline: 31/08/2020

Position 7: 20200349 Postdoc in atomic scale modeling of materials for energy-related applications

Application deadline: 11/09/2020

Position 8: 20200346 Postdoctoral positions in extragalactic and Galactic astronomy

Application deadline: 15/08/2020

Position 9: 20200292 Postdoc in Topological Quantum Materials

Application deadline: 07/08/2020

Position 10: 20200347 Postdoc in Electrolyte Modelling (BIG-MAP)

Application deadline: 20/08/2020

Position 11: 20200338 Three Postdoctoral research positions in radar remote sensing

Application deadline: 09/08/2020

Position 12: 20200340 Postdoctoral position in Computer Architecture for DL accelerators

Application deadline: 31/08/2020

Position 13: 20200337 Postdoctoral position in materials characterization of coatings

Application deadline: 03/08/2020

Position 14: 20200332 Postdoc position in Biomimetic Water Filtration – Development of silica stabilized aquaporin containing water filters

Application deadline: 14/08/2020

Position 15: 20200328 Postdoc in Numerical modelling of cavitation in hydroturbine applications

Application deadline: 30/08/2020

Position 16: 20200324 Postdoc in Ultraviolet Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers

Application deadline: 14/08/2020

Position 17: 20200325 Postdoc positions on synthesis of materials for solar cells and capacitors

Application deadline: 31/08/2020

Position 18: 20200132 Postdoc in Quantum Information Science with Superconducting Circuits

Application deadline: 01/09/2020

Position 19: 20200249 Postdoc in graphene integrated circuits

Application deadline: 01/09/2020

Position 20: 20200314 Post-doc position in mathematics: Geometric Deep Learning

Application deadline: 31/08/2020

Position 21: 20200310 Postdoc position in cellulose networks from sustainable alkaline solutions

Application deadline: 16/08/2020

Position 22: 20200304 Postdoc position in Understanding degradation mechanisms of PEM fuel cell catalysts

Application deadline: 16/08/2020

Position 23: 20200303 Postdocs: materials and circuit architectures for superconducting quantum computers

Application deadline: 16/08/2020

Position 24: 20200148 Postdocs to build a quantum computer

Application deadline: 31/08/2020

Position 25: 20200299 Postdoc in Local policies for sustainable urban mobility

Application deadline: 08/08/2020

Position 26: 20200293 Postdoc in Environmental Assessment of Electromobility Charging Systems

Application deadline: 15/08/2020

—————-Quick Overview————-
Organization Chalmers University of Technology
Fellowship Level Postdoctoral
Country Sweden
Subject areas All disciplines
Fellowship amount Varies
Eligibility Open to all nationalities
Deadline Varies

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