Funding is available for Ph.D. candidates in the field of Cell Biology, Physiology, Pathology, Stem Cell Research, and Cancer Biology. For further details please check website:

Dr Alexander Birbrair (Principal Investigator) and his team are working in Cell Biology, Physiology, Stem Cell Research, Pathology, and Cancer Biology.

The following are the main area of research interest in his lab:

  • Tumor cellular microenvironment, especially in breast and prostate tumors.
  • Role of the peripheral nervous system (autonomic and sensory) in the function of stem cells as well as other cell types.
  • Role of pericytes and stem cells in the pathophysiology of tropical diseases such as Chagas disease, Leishmaniosis, etc.
  • The biology of stem cells from various tissues including the CNS.Transplantation of cells, tissues, and organs.

The research group is engaged in

  1. Therapeutic exploration of a newly isolated neural-like stem cell against gbm
  2. Appreciation Of The Influence Of Schwann Cells On Tumorogenesis And Tumor Progression Of Mice Affected By Breast Cancer
  3. Comparison Of The Genetic Expression Between Pericytes Of Normal And Tumoral Prostates Using Hi-Myc Transgenic Mice
  4. Influence of Sensory Neurons On The Composition Of Intestinal Microbiota

Dr Alexander Birbrair group is constantly seeking people of all career stages (Postdoctoral fellows, Doctoral, Master and Undergraduate students) with high motivation and potential that really want to advance within our area of research.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates can get in touch. If interested please send me your CV to, and we can talk about this opportunity by WhatsUp (+55 31 983806886).

Applicants must include:

  1. Have experience with cell biology or related fields.
  2. Be able to be part of a multidisciplinary team, think critically and independently.
  3. Speak, read and write well in English.


Type Ph.D., Postdoc
Subjects Cell Biology, Physiology, Pathology, Stem Cell Research, and Cancer Biology
Contact Dr. Alexander Birbrair, whatsup (+55 31 983806886).

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