15-20 PhD Fellowships at the CEMEF MINES ParisTech. The  PhD positions are offered on our two doctoral specialties: “Numerical Mechanics and Materials – MNM” and “Numerical Mathematics, Intensive Computing and Data – MathNum”.

No of Positions: 15 to 20 PhD

Scientific Fields: Forming Processes, Physical and Numerical Mechanics, Scientific computing Materials and Biomaterials.

PhD positions: specialty MNM

  1. Numerical modelling of the failURe of restored Teeth..
    Supervisors :
  2. Efficient computational platform on grain structure induced anisotropic behaviour in selective laser melting (SLM).
  • Microstructural changes in additive manufacturing materials during Hot Isostatic Pressing: modelling and experimental study.
  1. Improvement of a mean field model dedicated to the recrystallization simulation.
  2. New 3D Finite-Element level-Set Framework for the modeling of Solid-Solid phase transformations and grain Interfaces for Large-Scale Polycrystals

PhD positions: specialty MATHNUM

  1. “Numerical Mathematics, High Performance Computing and Data.”
  2. Physics-Informed Machine Learning in the context of seismic imaging.
  • Digital Twin and Fluid Structure interaction for Solar Power Plant
  1. Mutliphase flow and high-fidelity simulation for Loast Foam. ⇒thesis filled
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Subject Natural Sciences and Engineering
Closing date Varies
Country France
Organisation CEMEF MINES ParisTech

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